Archives 2007

  • Mark Clifford Photography

    Mark Clifford

    Dec. 23 2007

    Mark Clifford is the king of the photography in motion. He really creates movement even if the original photography seems to be static.
  • Clima Bicycle Lock Advertising

    Clima Bicycle Lock

    Dec. 12 2007

    Advertising from Thailand.
  • Giacomo Costa Photography

    Giacomo Costa

    Dec. 10 2007

    Huge prints (62 x 250 cm) of his work where shown on the stand of the Clairefontaine Gallery of Luxembourg.
  • Banksy Design


    Dec. 10 2007

    Banksy hijacks pictures, films, photographies and his own graffitis. So he criticizes totalitariatianism, consumption society, war and violence.
  • J. Mayer H. Architect Design

    J. Mayer H. Archi...

    Dec. 10 2007

    J. Mayer is a young german architect working at the intersection of architecture, communication and technology.
  • ISO50 Illustration


    Dec. 07 2007

    Portfolio of Scott Hansen, California, USA.
  • Aaron Hobson Photography

    Aaron Hobson

    Dec. 06 2007

    American photographer Aaron Hobson is starting to gain international attention with his unique style of panoramic images.
  • Moneygami Design


    Dec. 05 2007

    You don't know what to do with your bills. Instead of burn it, do Moneygami !
  • Peter Maes Design

    Peter Maes

    Dec. 05 2007

    Portfolio of Peter Maes, architect designer, Belgium.
  • Richard Rogers + Architectes Design

    Richard Rogers + ...

    Dec. 05 2007

    The exhibition Richard Rogers + Architectes deals with Richard Rogers and his collaborators. Thirty years after his creation ...