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Henry IV Part1 & 2 - The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare's Globe - Adam Hayes

The designs of the 2010 season for the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre had been created by three talented designer. Indeed, Ryan Ras and Julie Kim invited Adam Hayes to work on the project. All together they created coat of arms combining the meaning of the plays and the restriction of heraldry. Heraldry is such a system of formal rules that it is difficult to modernize it. Nevertheless, Julie, Ryan and Adam managed with elegance to create fresh arms.
Adam Hayes is an artist, illustrator and designer living and working in London. Adam explains all the process and the details on his blog Today is a Good Day. Through this project, Adam Hayes raises the endless problem of how to refresh a traditional practice.

My initial brief was to research and design a set of heraldry for each of the performances in the 2010 programme, plus one extra to represent the season as a whole. There were a number of requirements and restrictions for each of the designs, most importantly they each had to reflect the content of the plays as well as being sympathetic to particular characters and themes. But the brief also stated that each of these designs must remain contemporary and refined, despite the historic content – not easy!

Have a look also on his project called Maps: Each artist has responded to the task of making a map of somewhere that they feel they belong.

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