Chloe Østmo

Chloe Østmo is a british artist that works with photography and moving image. I saw her project ‘Buildings’ at the ICA in 2010 for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition and I kept her website link in my bookmarks since then. I really enjoy the disruption and surprise that she creates, the space and the actual building unfold and reveal their physicality.
In an article by John Seven, Østmo said: “I’m really interested in our physical relationship with images and their physical presence as objects. There’s something about the kind of limitations of photography, something that essentially flattens things, but also we experience physically. Even if it’s a piece of paper, it still has a physical presence, and how that might be brought out into space to create a kind of alternative space that isn’t just a depicted image but has some kind of relationship with you.”
Østmo uses found photos; as part of her process, she is interested in the idea of loss of origin. “You can see some of the processes that it’s gone through. You can see the dots of the photocopy and the physical coupling, and it’s almost like there have been so many transformations that the origin of this building is lost and it gives it a timelessness."

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