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"New York dogs" and "The Deserts"

Florine Kammerer

Florine Kammerer studied graphic design and illustration with Niklaus Troxler – the famous Swiss poster designer; this is where her love for posters and screen-printing started.

Since finishing Art School in 2008, she has been based in Vienna, Austria where she has been working for several clients in design and illustration, in the art collective dasviadukt as well as for well-known design studios such as Alessandridesign.

Kammerer loves illustration and loves to draw. She started a one-year project called adrawingaday during her recent stay in New York City. She wanted to capture moments, thoughts, and observations. Some of her stories are fictitious, some have been experienced. Some are travel or daily reports, some are jobs she is currently working on.

Part of her drawings became photo-illustrations for clients or for other projects. The series “New York dogs” was photographed in the streets of Williamsburg, and the photoshooting “the deserts” took place on a trip along the American West Coast.

All these stories and observations are what inspire her the most and living in New York City has been a great inspiration too. Now back home, Kammerer finds her inspiration in the little, astonishing or funny things that you see if you look close enough.

Working on free projects with the artist collective dasviadukt is also a great source of inspiration for Kammerer. Being surrounded by creative people with different professions and backgrounds is an enrichment for her, with individuals bringing in their totally different points of view and experiences in order to create something new and extensive all together.

The font “City Railway Arc” was developed for the artist collective dasviadukt which is located in a railway arch in Vienna. Some of the dasviadukt posters use this font to announce events. Those are silk-screen printed at the studio’s own screen-print workshop.

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