Vera Comploj - Interview

As a photographer, Comploj was not born with a camera in her hand but can not imagine a life without taking pictures anymore.
Vera Comploj, has been featured few times on Creative&Live and this time for her newest project Persona we asked her few questions about her practice. Persona is looking at the notion of contrast; by working with model with albinism, Comploj is exploring lights, details and textures. A very exciting video is planned for winter 2013 and the trailer is available on vimeo.

C&L: How do you approach a new project; do you experience a recurrent creative process?
Vera Comploj: I actually do. The steps before the shoot are the most important to me. Meeting with the people that I am going to portray, being accepted by their environment, spending time with them to understand their personality, behaviours and motivations are the core aspects of my approach to photography. I am potentially interested in everybody and in the unique stories that may be shared. Taking the picture is just the final “click”, which sums up a much longer and deeper experience. I try to condense it in a powerful image. It’s my response to our dialogue, where my personality and aesthetics react to those of the subject.

C&L: Everyone consumes the same creative content in a poo, do you think blogs and websites such as C&L serve only the purpose of self-promotion?
Vera Comploj: I don’t think that blogs, website, serve only the purpose of self-promotion. It’s a good way to spread out lots of information. It’s a way to be able talk about everything without thinking about system boundaries and rules.

C&L: For your recent projects you worked with people typically outside the norms of society, is there any particular reason for that?
Vera Comploj: Maybe because I’m a twin, I developed an interest for genetics, and found myself investigating themes concerning identity.
My galleries of ‘out of the ordinary’ subjects are by no means an odditorium, rather the testament of a deep connection that the subjects and I develop.

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