Lindsey Lesh

Lyndsey Lesh is a trained freelancing illustrator, having graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2008, and having attended the University of Brighton, England for several months.

After having lived in LA for the past four years, Lesh is now re-acclimating to life in the Midwest as she moved back to Kansas City, Missouri in August to be closer to her family.

Besides freelancing and occasionally writing for Beautiful Decay Magazine, she is currently working on her own series of personal projects and also collaborates with a writer friend on short stories, both illustrating them and writing some short stories of her own, hoping to see them compiled into a book one day!

She has also been creating illustrations for a documentary project on a deceased writer and just finished fully illustrating a new literary journal in LA called The Ratting Wall.

Lesh’s art is both humoristic and nostalgic, colorful and sensitive. Most of her illustrations work is initiated by narratives that she imagines from her surroundings. She finds her inspiration in “vintage coloring, neighborhoods in San Francisco, 70s vinyl illustrations, stickers you find at coffee shops and autumn in the Midwest”.

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