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Emily Forgot - Interview

Emily Forgot is a multi-faceted illustrator based in London. A couple of weeks ago Emily was one of the winners of the ADC YoungGuns Competition award, so we caught up with her to find out a bit more.

C&L:How do you approach a new project; do you experience a recurrent creative process?
Emily Forgot:I like jobs that require research, I often love that journey more than the actual making! Discovering inspiring things that provide the spring board for a new idea or project is always exciting. After research i’ll always scribble rough layouts and ideas down before getting onto the computer where my scribbles become fully formed.

C&L:All your characters seem to have a story to tell, have you ever considered letting them finding their way in a story book?
Emily Forgot:I would love to do a story book, its definitely something I would like to do in the future. I quite like that my static artwork allows the observer to make up their own story though too!
C&L:What is your motivation behind Muse&Maker as it is notably separate from you practice as an illustrator?
Emily Forgot:The motivation was really just to share. A lot of my discoveries are made through the research process when I am starting a new project so in that sense it is tightly linked to my practice but I also post a lot of furniture and objects. I don’t necessarily see my self as a pure illustrator and the blog allows me to explore other creative practices. Illustration is a great medium, as it can work and be applied in so many different ways so I also hope to expand into other areas, I’m especially interested in creating products or perhaps toys with my illustrative style as the starting point for something 3 dimensional.
C&L:Everyone consumes the same creative content in a pool, do you think blogs and websites such as C&L serve only the purpose of self-promotion?
Emily Forgot:No, I think some people may look at it that way but its a mixture of wanting to share and wanting to get your work our there, perhaps, to a different audience.

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