Emil Kozole

Emil Kozole is currently a student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

Funny fact: he did not draw very well when he was a kid and never thought he would end up in design. At this time of his life, he was interested in other things, but since he was a few years old, he has known all the traffic signs and logos by heart. His typography work started later in high school, when he started drawing some weird letters and even tried to simplify the latin alphabet!

Kozole finds inspiration in different things, people and projects, from music, art, fashion, cities to signs, books, industry. He also works in motion graphics, graphic design, interactive design and films. But typography is one of those things that he always gets back to.

For Kozole, typography is quite basic, but still terribly complicated. Letters are already very specific, so it is even a bigger challenge for designers to give them a new character. His masters in typography right now are Spiekermann and Schwartz; the latter’s Guardian being one of Kozole’s favorite typefaces. Kozole thinks it is easy to distinguish a good designer from a great one from his type choice.

When Emil Kozole starts designing a typeface, he first thinks about where it will be used and for what purpose, will it be for information, for big headlines, for text, for screen or for some other specific media. After that, he draws a few letters that allow the most characteristics, like a, g, o, t, i, m, k, s or d. While designing those, he looks at other similar fonts and tries to make his different. For example, the letter i cannot be reinvented, but it can as well be an i with a circle or a square above (the Fedra font also has a diamond shape instead of a circle dot). Next, the letters can have both serifs or just an upper left serif or have a tail. These little differences can have great impact on the font, because in the end people are not looking at individual letters, but the harmony of all of them.

Kozole’s first bigger project was Typometry. He created it for school and put it on Behance so people could download it for free. His work was well received, so he later created a pro version. Right now, Kozole is working on two typography projects, one baptised Signalia, a monolinear typeface designed for informations, which will have 4 weights, from light to bold, and one remains unnamed, though it is almost finished and will come out in the beginning of the year 2013.

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